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Richard Falconer points towards one of many ghost sightings in St Andrews.

St Andrews ghost tour reviewed

On a murky St Andrews evening, a small group of friends and I gathered in the Church Square under the ominous tolling of the Trinity Church bell towering over us.

Richard Falconer points towards one of many ghost sightings in St Andrews.

Richard Falconer points towards one of many ghost sightings in St Andrews. Image credit: The Albany Parker

The mysterious Richard Falconer was there to greet us, dressed for the occasion in black with a ghost whisperer-like quality to him. The tour took us across the town from South Street to the Cathedral and back to the Scores and St Salvator’s Quad. We passed countless haunted buildings that Richard had been researching for nearly 30 years by collecting and collating witness accounts of all manner of supernatural phenomena, from ghostly white ladies to poltergeists, and even a flying angel of death.

We started off in Church Square where Richard told us about the surrounding buildings’ histories and the paranormal activities associated with them. We then embarked down Market Street, passing Parliament Hall with its skeleton in the closet (literally) and one of the most ancient buildings in St Andrews, the Department of Medieval History. Lurking further down South Street was the most haunted building in St Andrews, once occupied by Mary Queen of Scots and host to a huge number of spooky tales from many petrified observers. Then we walked on past Leeming Lane and to the Cathedral which was full of ghoulish appearances, missing corpses and a statue comparable to a Weeping Angel – except this one could fly at night!

We then returned back to town along the Scores, hearing more about the intriguing history of the town and the Castle with its spooky tunnels and ghosts. At certain points along the tour we were able to see some images Richard had collected from his research which really helped to add some evidence to the stories.

Of course, no Ghost tour would be complete without mentioning the infamous PH on North Street and the ghoulish face staring from above the gate to St Salvator’s Quad – something that I will never be able to ignore when I walk past there now.

The tour was extremely well led by Richard who has a great talent for storytelling and had clearly researched the town’s history to an extremely high level of detail. Although there were no “jumper ooters”, the tour was professional and gave us all a great deal of knowledge about the history of St Andrews to take away. The ghost stories were very entertaining and some of the accounts quite compelling and hard to dispute. Looking back at some of the photos I took, I felt certain that I might find a ghoulish face staring back at me out. I can’t say what I saw – I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourselves…

Tours run Tue-Sun at 2pm & 7pm.
Bookings for the tour can be made here:

£7 students
£10 adults
‘Ghosts of St Andrews’, a 350 page book written by Richard
is available to buy at a discounted price on the tour.

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