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shearling jacket

Autumn trends

Summer is over and we’re already halfway into autumn, which means time for a change in your closet!

This autumn is all about being bold and bringing colour to these cloudy days. Here are five trends I’m loving for Autumn 2014.

1) Big belts

They add flair to an outfit and spice up a simple dress or long raincoat, which will be getting a lot of use considering all the rainy days we’ve been having. Wearing big belts is also the best way to show off your body whilst still staying warm. Alice metallic cut work plaque belt from Boohoo.com, £12


2) The ‘it’ jacket

We all have that one leather jacket which we use for going out, attending our lectures, or even (if we’re brave enough) showing up to an interview. This season is all about that “it” jacket, which brings out your personality and wild fashionable side. Contrasting shearling collars are still very much in and I like to think they’re necessary to keep us extra warm!

shearling jacket

Shearling jackets, your automatic autumn go-to for warmth and style. Image credit: jaimelondonboy/Flickr.

3) Trainers

There is no outfit you cannot complete with a pair of trainers. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but trust me, you’ll feel the same once you switch those uncomfortable pumps for a pair of comfy trainers!

Let’s not forget that style matters, though. I would definitely NOT recommend regular Nikes paired with a short sequined dress (trust me, it’s happened). But otherwise, trainers are a must-have for this autumn and a nice alternative to wellies to survive those wet days. Black textured chain trim slip on plimsolls from New Look, £19.99


Disco-ready! Image credit: Maegan Tintari/Flickr.

4) Patterned dresses

Wearing colourful dresses can really brighten up your day as well as everyone else’s around you. This autumn is all about patterned dresses that stand out, especially in golden colours. Amanda printed angel sleeve shift dress from Boohoo.com, £20

5) Big earrings

Last but certainly not least, attention to detail is essential for a perfect autumn look and big earrings are key in achieving this. Add them to a simple outfit to make it more unique and ‘you’. The best thing is, this trend suits a variety of price ranges as you can pick them up pretty much anywhere right now. Black stone navette chandelier earrings from New Look, £7.99


Statement earrings come in all shapes and sizes. Image credit: Carolina Buzio/Flickr.

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