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Halloween inspired by SS15

From New York to Paris, there’s such a flow of inspiration that we long for spring next year. But let’s not stretch it that far for now. It’s October, and unlike any other month, we (probably most of us, right?) can’t wait for it to end… because it’s Halloween! You know it’s not just like any other party, as you get to dress up as whatever the hell you want. No judgement.

Fashion can be serious, but you sure can have fun and draw some inspiration from it. Here are some looks you might want to consider for Halloween, from Spring-Summer ‘15 collections.

1. Junya Watanabe

If you’re not in any supposedly cool social circles, fret not! This outfit won’t burst your bubble of having your glam squad in the supposedly not ‘cool’ friends. Why join them when you can beat them?


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2. Comme des Garcons

Red gown on steroids. Sky-high expensive silk steroids. But on the bright side, you don’t need to go to the salon… just wake up and don’t brush your hair. Okay, maybe you need to put in some hair spray and tease it a bit, but that’s about it. If people ask about your outfit, just calmly say ‘roses and blood’ as the designer did.

Image credit: Yanni Vlamos /


3. Something for the gentlemen: Thom Browne

Thank God for Thom Browne. It looks like you don’t need to go to the gym anymore now that you have this classic St Andrews suit and tie with a twist. Pink trousers? Why not a pink suit?

Image credit: Style.Com

4. A true goddess by The Row

If you’re not into sexy costumes (or just costumes because you’re sexy already… you’re welcome!), the Olsen twins are here to save the lady inside you. This brazen collection shows us that sometimes, you need to get in touch with your inner deity.

Image credit: Vogue

5. Yohji Yamamoto

You won’t have to worry about your look after a crazy party, because you’ll have a great one from the start. A combination of dishevelled hair, tired eyes and torn out clothes is the perfect way to go, ‘I just went to a house party before this… it was mad! Can’t you tell from how I look?’

Image credit: Style.Com

Have fun dressing up!

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