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REVIEWED: Bute Ball 2015

The anticipation for Bute Ball grew increasingly throughout the three months since its announcement, and with the steep ticket price and the centennial year anniversary celebration, the expectations were particularly high. For far over-worked and forever exhausted medics, this night out would have to be one to remember; their trust lay in the Bute Medical Society to put on a spectacle to make the long hours of class and putrid smell of dissection well worth it. Fortunately, the society is well accustomed to planning fantastic evenings, and Bute Ball met, if not exceeded, every expectation in terms of food, drink, and entertainment.

Image Credit: Lightbox Creative

Image Credit: Lightbox Creative

The drinks reception was a welcoming way to start the evening and guests were glad to start the night off the right way– the only complaint was that the champagne ran out but that was to be expected of any ball with as many guests as Bute. The venue’s decor was alluring and held an almost magic to it, with fairy lights strewn across the ceiling and balloons floating from the table centrepieces. The guests were invited to indulge in treats on offer such as the chocolate fountain, popcorn, and candy floss. After this, guests were seated in preparation for dinner to be served.

The meal was fantastic and no one offered any complaints about the food. Everything about the dining experience, from the prompt service to the delicious three-course meal to the table set up, were perfected to make dinner as enjoyable as possible and to capitalise on space while maintaining a reasonable table size for conversation. It was clear that every detail had been thought of and covered to ensure guests had a pleasant time.

Following dinner was a ceilidh, which was the absolute best part of the night. The fast pace made it fun to keep up with but the teaching made the dances equally easy to pick up on. Many people agreed that the ceilidh was their favourite part and the ball organisers did an amazing job of coordinating the band and the dance.

After the ceilidh, guests had a chance to take a quick break and frequent the bar before the next act came on. Santa und die Klauses performed many songs and it was clear that they were a crowd-pleaser. They continued until quite late and were eventually replaced by DJ Taj-Mar-Hal and DJ Monoplé, who both played music that was easy to dance to and appealed to almost everyone. With a perfect mix of standard classics and newer songs, they kept guests dancing all the way until the last 3AM bus home.

Bute Ball is an exceptional chance for medics to see their peers and even their lecturers outside of a classroom setting, which is incredibly important for forming the close bonds that are essential to learning and working as a team. The ball coordinators did a truly outstanding job of catering to the guests’ expectations by keeping traditions, such as the ceilidh, and throwing in new surprises like the Jannettas Ice Cream flavour design. I highly recommend attending Bute Ball at some point throughout your years at St Andrews; if you didn’t get the chance to go this year, buying a ticket next year is a must and, although the ticket price may be high, it is one of the best nights out in St Andrews which makes the investment well worthwhile.

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