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Queue for toilet (not ride).....Credit: The Sinner

May Ball Reviewed: Dreams of living life like rappers do…

14.20 – No, the Ball doesn’t start until 7 p.m. but I’m taking a library break with the girls to talk about it. What to wear, who else is coming, where we should start our pre-drinks, etc. Acclaimed to be the biggest, most important and glamorous event of the year, we’re all expecting more than just the usual champagne, ice cream and cotton candy. After all, Opening Ball was great – these people know how to throw party.

18.00 – People are already swanning around town in their suits and gowns as the night is just about to start with pres. Everyone is dressed to impress with the boys looking dapper in bowties and the girls looking gorgeous in everything from ballgowns to suits.

Queue for toilet (not ride).....Credit: The Sinner

Queue for toilet (not ride)…..Credit: The Sinner

19.45 – Welcomed onto the bus by some rather courteous members of the KK. Though the journey was held up by a poorly located parked car, we finally made it to Kinkell and were politely greeted and presented with glasses of Champagne upon arrival.

20.00 – The windy weather didn’t put people off and the queues for rides were starting to build up. There were champagne ice lollies and ice cream for VIP as well two spacious tents and an additional bar where people could party the night away. The rides were a hit as usual and were the same as last year. There was a choice of the dodgems, la bamba and the scrambler and you were bound to have fun on whichever one you picked. A particular highlight of mine was me and a friend ending up in hysterics on the scrambler (it was funny at the time, ok!?).

21.38 – 21.57 – Need the loo. Long. Queue.

22.00 – The party is in full swing with the venue filling up with familiar faces. Much like St Andrews, whichever part of the venue you ventured into, you were bound to see someone you knew which added to the fun of the evening and made sure you were never alone. The chandeliers in the VIP area created a classy and cool atmosphere and the seating allowed people to chat, chill and rest their feet. The lanterns in the standard area also added to the elegant yet relaxed feeling of the venue.

23.00 – The dance floor is hopping with acts such as Bwani Junction, Craig Wilson and Julio Bashmore taking the stage. People’s spirits weren’t dampened by the weather and, though finding the door to get outside was challenging, when I finally ventured out there, everyone was having a blast. With the cotton candy cart and the rides out there it was hard not to. Exploring the venue was half the fun and there was something to see in every corner of it.

00.00 – “The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog.” ― Carrie Underwood.

01.00 – Too drunk to remember. Must have been a good night.

02.00 – I don’t know what the obsession is with queueing but ticket sales, the bathroom and buses? On the plus side, I didn’t get trampled. That was the real survival of the fittest. It was made up for by barely having to queue for drinks due to the four bars and numerous bartenders which was a refreshing change from other events.

02.45 – In bed with a box of crackers while my friend brought home a boy. Who’s the real winner?

After May Dip, I’m pretty impressed by everyone’s determination to have a good night. The last formal event in St Andrews for this academic year definitely sent the graduating students out with a bang and was a night to remember…or not if you had one too many shots. Until September KK.

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