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REVIEWED: Starfields 2015

I arrived at Starfields to be greeted by the smell of Blackhorn. It was going to be a good night. Though lower college lawn is hard to fill, everything had it’s place and it was well laid out. The dance floor was at the end of the field and the bar was conveniently located near the entrance to make sure anyone that entered sober didn’t stay that way for long. It was also helpful to battle the cold and it was much easier to get a drink that previous years due to the larger bar.

Starfields 2015: Image credit: The Sinner

Once you had grabbed a drink and downed it on the way to the dance floor you could throw some shapes which everyone else could admire from the cosy cushions and seating on the grass. You could definitely feel the festival vibes with those most dedicated having their faces painted and sprinkled in glitter which brightened up the night even more.

Starfields was a great way to not only raise the profile of FS to freshers but the relaxing atmosphere also meant it was easy for everyone to meet new people.
It was a night of fun, food and fabulous fashion. There was an eclectic mix of styles but I have to say that the decision to not wear tights was not a wise one and I was rather jealous of the people that decided had jeans on #StAndrewsLife. Alex Adair was a hit and got everyone moving, especially when he closed off with his hit “Make Me Feel Better”.
Even though the venue was large, FS managed to make Starfields feel quaint at the same time. They did it again. And it was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that you shook so furiously with excitement that you weren’t able to hold your phone, thus dropping and breaking it. But that’s another story.


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