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Catwalk Q & A

Held on 6 February in Club 601, Catwalk will remind us what it means to have “street style.” With a mix of returning and fresh faces, can the models and the committee deliver a cracking show worthy of St Andrews’ renowned fashion scene? The Sinner’s Natasha Franks chats with co-director Jamilah Jaffer about what the committee has in store for us.


Sinner: I understand Catwalk was forced to take a hiatus last year due to a lack of venue and that the committee has used this as an opportunity to launch a major rebranding of the show. What kind of fresh look can people expect from the “new” Catwalk?

Jamilah Jaffer: Lauren [Bisset, co-director] and I are SO excited to be able to revive Catwalk. Although it’s a massive challenge building it back up from scratch, we want this year to emulate personality, diversity and FUN!

Sinner: The committee photos have been released. When will we get a glimpse of this year’s models?

JJ: The model intro shoot is being done on Saturday and Thursday so keep an eye on our Facebook page in the next couple of weeks for our model reveal.

S: How do you plan on making Catwalk stand out amongst the other three fashion shows: Don’t Walk, FS, and Sitara?

JJ: I think the good thing about Catwalk is that is doesn’t take itself too seriously. The DW, FS and Sitara shows are spectacular but I feel like you can’t compare them. They are so different; Catwalk will be much more intimate due to it being held in the Union. I think,our purpose is very similar to the other shows, we just want people to have a good time!

Sinner: Tell us about the charities that Catwalk supports!

JJ: The three charities are Nightlight, UNICEF and Maggie’s, which are all very close to people’s hearts both with regards to some of our sponsors and even those within the committee. The ultimate purpose of Catwalk is to support these charities and help them touch more lives.

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