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Review: DONT WALK 2016

Reviewed by Jack Muir:

The hangover was in full force as I stumbled down South Street hunting for the nearest eggs benedict on the Sunday after Don’t Walk. The spray-painted logo on the pavement took me back to the night before at Kinkell. In a nutshell, it was one big, alcohol-fuelled party from start to finish. As a venue, Kinkell rarely disappoints and the DW committee did a great job in making sure that the guests knew exactly what fashion show they were at. The catwalk itself was connected by a bridge that was to be the focal point for much of the well choreographed show. As the lights dimmed a video flickered on centre stage. The music chimed and the discoloured images created an atmosphere reminiscent of a horror film. The video and music mirrored the theme Don’t Walk had created over the last few months: one of suspense, fascination, and intrigue. Dare I say it an ‘edgy’, distorted take on fashion. The crowd fell silent and the eerie, montages reminded me of the scene in the film ‘Sinister’ where the writer watches old recordings of children murdering their families. There was undeniably a performative edge to the models’ introduction on stage. With red-lit collars they lined the catwalk with impressive force, clasping their necks as the music gained momentum. The drop was met with screams from the crowd.

The show got underway and the party was in full swing with the models enjoying the atmosphere as much as the crowd. The models grinned as they were handed drinks from the front row. Their engagement sparked the exact ingredient for a good time. With a few more helpful ingredients the night progressed. The fashion was undoubtedly impressive with Vivienne Westwood headlining but I’m not going to focus too much on it because lets be honest, apart from a few guests who may scrutinise the weird, transparent plastic boiler suit, the majority are there for the spectacle: the abs and the ass. And that’s exactly what we got.

So, as more guests arrived and more drinks were consumed, Otto Knows appeared for the hazier end of the evening. The after party guests were not disappointed as the tunes banged out to a crowded dance floor. The spectacle of the show was replaced by the spectacle of the dance floor. A horror show of people snogging, falling over and two girls screaming, “let’s go fishing” to each other. I think that means they had a good time. All in all, everything ran smoothly to my senses at least. Don’t Walk’s revitalisation of the brand did not disappoint and I’d like to congratulate the committee and the models’ for a great time.



Image Credit: The Sinner. More photographs available on our Facebook Page.

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