Did you mean to visit The Stand? Why not place a thesaurus in a blender instead?


A little something about the contributors we allegedly have.


The Ringleader

Alias Elliott, editor-in-chief and genial mastermind of The Sinner. He is to us what Queen Liz is to Britannia (and by that we mean slightly outdated, much beloved and near-universally feared). Gentle reader, you may find yourself wondering: Who is the Editor? What does he do? Does he even actually exist? Don’t ask us – that’s above our pay grade. More on this story as events unfold.

The Web Gremlin

Her name is Laras and she’s the fuckin’ logo designer. She also copy-edits everything in her capacity as web editor, so if your article is posted but seems a little off somehow, the way it feels when you get home from work to find the welcome mat askew and the mugs aligned wrong and the thermostat too high and jeez, we knew you were messy but did you really just leave the contents of your drawers strewn over the floor like that? – well, it’s probably her fault. Sorry.

The Print Gremlin

Goes by Megan on formal occasions. As The Sinner’s print editor she deals with the blood and gore of physical shiny as opposed to digital glitter, an experience which has left her grizzled, war-weary, and scarred with innumerable paper cuts. Despite our erratic printing schedule, she also finds the time to be an accomplished hispanófilo (¿hispanófila?) with a two-a-day tea habit, and devotes a considerable amount of energy to destroying her bike in new and creative ways.

The Suit

Mikesh (as he refers to himself around strangers) is our business manager, tasked with chasing down local business owners and courting new writers by throwing money at them. In his downtime, he enjoys photography, history, and building scale models out of those endless £10 wine vouchers we’ve got stacked around the office.

The Code Monkey

Also known as Billy, this overgrown Belgian is the resident website caretaker, who may or may not be human – we can’t quite tell. Responds well to cold showers and being hunted in the dark, but it’s when boredom takes over that he truly starts building things. Dark, evil things.

The Web Pixie

Named Annabel and known associate of the Web Gremlin, not much yet is known about the second web editor, who is believed to sprinkle newly-written articles with her stardust.


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