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Louise Richardson, principal of St Andrews. Image credit: Christian M. M. Brady - flickr


In a shocking development, The Telegraph is reporting that Alex Salmond personally telephoned Louise Richardson regarding comments she had made about the impact of independence on higher education. The paper claims that Mr Salmond had a “heated” conversation which lasted around ten minutes where he attempted to “put words in her mouth” about the impact of…

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Image credit: Tambako the Jaguar Flickr

St Andrews professor: Chimpanzees have ‘academic families’

THE SINNER EXCLUSIVE Unrelated chimpanzees will ‘adopt’ an orphan in their community in a similar fashion to the ‘academic family’ system at the University of St Andrews, new research has found. St Andrews psychologists Dr Catherine Hobaiter and Professor Klaus Zuberbühler have discovered not only that orphaned siblings who share a mother will adopt one another, but…

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